Engagement is key

Cullen Property is an Edinburgh-based specialist property lettings, investment and management company. The Cullen Property team had identified that the company needed better platforms to reach its audiences and encourage an on-going dialogue and greater engagement, sometimes across oceans.

Traditional media relations tools like press releases and pitching stories to journalists, whilst appropriate, were simply not giving Cullen Property enough opportunity to share their expertise on issues relevant to the property market, comment on current developments and offer guidance. More focused activities were required to get the the brand's key messages in front of individual members of the target market. 

Niche Works devised a PR plan that focused heavily on the company's 'owned media' – outlets controlled and populated by Cullen Property staff. This includes the company's blogs (aimed at investors / landlords and tenants, respectively), Facebook and Twitter pages which reach a highly targeted and relevant audience whenever our client chooses.

We also agreed a guest blogger slot with a leading property website, giving our client wider exposure to a UK-wide audience. All social media activity is integrated across platforms and designed to generate as much engagement as possible, thus maximising its impact on behalf of our client.

At the same time, Niche Works places opinion pieces, consumer-orientated features and news items in leading publications as we recognise that whilst blogs etc. may be growing, many potential Cullen Property clients still enjoy reading the paper.

Niche Works has supported Cullen Property since 2006. 


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